Doraemon (2005)

Doraemon (2005)

2005-04-22 tv asahi
7.8 112 votes

Seasons and episodes

1 Season 1 April 22, 2005


Robotic cat Doraemon is sent back in time from the 22nd century to protect 10-year-old Noby, a lazy and uncoordinated boy who is destined to have a tragic future. Doraemon can create secret gadgets from a pocket on his stomach, but they usually cause more bad than good because of Noby's propensity to misuse them.


Megumi Oohara is Nobita Nobi (voice)
Nobita Nobi (voice)
Wasabi Mizuta is Doraemon (voice)
Doraemon (voice)
Yumi Kakazu is Shizuka Minamoto (voice)
Shizuka Minamoto (voice)
Tomokazu Seki is Suneo Honekawa (voice)
Suneo Honekawa (voice)
Subaru Kimura is Takeshi Gouda (voice)
Takeshi Gouda (voice)